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who we are

Turbante-se is a contemporary Afrodiasporic platform founded in Brazil by artist Thaís Muniz with the mission of connecting communities around the world through art, identity, memory and textiles.


Our central narrative takes place using turbans and headwraps as a tool, promoting conversations, deep exchanges, and connection between people and stories.


We've been building these bridges through workshops, lectures, performances, and experimentation in art and design.


The platform has been promoting activities in many cities around the world since its beginning in 2012 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

what we do


We create fruitful environments to exchange knowledge and challenge the status quo, using storytelling and textiles. We connect people in tactile, accessible and educational ways, through online and offline experiences, ranging from workshops, talks, performances and experiments to conferences, exhibitions and festivals.


Broadening discussions about identity, race, gender, and representation from an intersectional perspective to uplift the magnitude and self-esteem of Black and Brown communities is essential to our work, and we believe that this can be achieved through collective efforts. 

Primeiro Workshop de Turbantes - fts Ligia Rizerio 2.jpg
Primeiro Workshop de Turbantes - fts Ligia Rizerio.jpg

Our first workshop in Salvador - Bahia.

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